Nounou Tokens

The first Utility Token that empowers Seniors to
live longer, healthier and happier, at home.

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hinounou ico

hinounou ico
Hinounou ICO
Tokens Are Rewards

Nounou Tokens are used as loyalty points to reward Seniors for keeping healthy through regular use of the Connected Medical Devices and the HiNounou App in the Home Wellness Kit.

hinounou ico
Hinounou ICO
Advanced Security

The HiNounou App comes linked to the Caregivers’ Web App for families to easily track and assist Seniors. The Seniors’ health data is transmitted to HiNounou’s blockchain secured, decentralized Health Data Platform.

hinounou ico
Hinounou ICO
Integrated Marketplace

The loyalty points can be redeemed with our Health & Wellbeing Marketplace partners, including AXA and Wabi, providing products and services customized to Seniors’ needs such as insurance, discounts on supplements, nutritious foods, taichi classes, etc.

Hinounou ICO
Incentivizing Wellness

Nounou Tokens encourage consumer retention for participating brands, while also functioning as the incentive for Seniors to maintain their commitment to living healthier.


Insurance & Medical Providers

Nounou Tokens help insurance and medical companies, like AXA and PingAn, encourage Seniors to live healthier thereby reducing claims costs, providing solutions to Senior’s current needs, ensuring adoption of medical and health regimes and much more.

Wellness Providers & Research Institutes

Research Institutes and wellness providers have the opportunity to better understand Senior’s conditions by conducting studies for the generation of new insights, e.g. Bayer could conduct studies on risk factors of certain diseases, where Seniors can anonymously participate and be reimbursed with tokens for their time.

Families to Governments

Families and caregivers provide additional incentives in the form of tokens and increased purchasing power for Seniors to live healthier, at home. For governments, healthier Senior citizens, provide for not only healthier economies but also provides opportunities to reduce wellness system costs for their Senior populations.

Wellbeing Partners

Wellbeing providers like Wabi, in the Wellness Ecosystem provide unique, dedicated products and services, as well as loyalty and rewards programs to Seniors and their families. These personalized services could range from nutritious foods, insurance, travel etc.


Jun 2013

Founder & CEO Charles’ mum suffers a fall whilst living alone. R&D on IoT and AI Robotics launches.

Feb 2015

3 intelligent robotics prototypes were achieved with Qualcomm, USA, Waterloo University, Canada and UTSEUS Shanghai University, China

Oct 2016

5 Patents for an AI Robot are registered and pending in China, 2 for breakthrough innovations, 2 technical and 1 for design.

Nov 2016

HiNounou’s Hong Kong HQ is registered.

Mar 2017

HiNounou’s Shanghai branch is registered.

Jun 2017

HiNounou wins the Most Innovative Wellness Mobile & Digital startup in China, organized by 4YFN at the World Mobile Congress Shanghai and Microsoft China Accelerator.

Oct 2017

Charles publishes his research paper on Design and Development of a Force-Sensing Shoe for Gait Analysis and Monitoring in the 2017 Fourth International Conference on Advances in Biomedical Engineering (ICABME).

Mar 2018

Duomeduo signed as HiNounou’s first distribution partners.

Apr 2018

HiNounou officially launches its comprehensive, one stop solution for Senior care at the Super Health Expo in Hangzhou.

Jun 2018

Charles meets with INSERM & CNRS Presidents Yves Levy and Antoine Petit as well as French Higher Education Research Minister Frédérique Vidal.

Jun 2018

HiNounou Singapore Branch Registered, ASEAN Incubated Singapore office opens at Unilever Foundry Level 3.

Jun 2018

HiNounou is finalist at the Duke of York’s Pitch@Palace ASEAN.

Jul 2018

HiNounou ICO Marketing Campaign Launched & Nounou Token Ethereum Network with Smart Contracts Created.

Sept 2018

Charles Bark spoke at Future China Global Forum 2018 in Singapore.

Sept 2018

Charles Bark was invited to speak at EFNI and New Industry Expo in Poland.

Oct 2018

HiNounou wins DIA Munich’s Special Award for Inurtech with Most Transformative Impact.

Oct 2018

CNBC TV interviews HiNounou Founder & CEO, Charles Bark.

Feb 2019

HiNounou selected as board member of French Healthcare Alliance in China.

Apr 2019

Plug and Play selects HiNounou to join InsurTech Batch 1 in Singapore and Beijing.


hinounou ico

Charles Bark

Founder & CEO
Charles is a serial entrepreneur, in January 2018 he was named by French President Emmanuel Macron as one of the top 3 French entrepreneurs in AI in China. He has invested over 5 years in R&D in IoT Robotics for HiNounou, for which he holds 5 patents. He is currently a PHD candidate in AI Robotics for Elderly Predictive Care and has published a research paper on fall prevention for elders. Charles hails from University of Oxford, UTC, HEC Paris and has worked in France, South Korea, Africa and China.
hinounou ico


Partner, Chief Commercial Officer
Jin is a Partner of HiNounou and in charge of Business Development & Commercial Strategy. He was the Business Development Director of Wabi Project and former Strategy Consultant of McKinsey & Company. Jin has worked in China and cross Europe with 10+ years of experience in international business development, sales and project management including leading 40+ multinational team members to define and execute business strategy. Jin obtained bachelor degree from Tongji University and MBA degree from Oxford University, and currently serves as Secretary General of Oxford and Cambridge Society Shanghai.
hinounou ico

Bommy LEE

Chief Marketing Officer
Bommy has 15 years of experience bringing companies into the digital age, with a focus on communications and digital marketing strategies in medtech and connected-health technologies. She holds an executive MBA from HEC Paris, a master’s degree from Sciences-Po Paris, and started her career as a journalist at the International Herald Tribune. Bommy is Paris Ambassador for Women of Wearables, a global non-profit with 20,000 members worldwide, and sits on the Commission for Tech & Diversity at Paris Tech Advocates.
hinounou ico

Eddie Xu

Partner, CTO
Eddie has over 15 years experience in IT, R&D and project management in France and China. Having earned his Masters from UTC, Paris. He previously worked at the start-up ChinPass with Charles Bark in France’s CNRS where they won the National Innovation Award in 2004-2005. He was previously CTO of China’s no.1 B2B platform for travel. As CTO, Eddie’s work focuses on app development, blockchain server infrastructure and smart contract coding.
hinounou ico

Lily You

Chief Wellness Officer
Lily, HiNounou’s Chief Wellness Officer, is a trained nurse and provides critical expertise on coaching Seniors on their health status and helping them develop healthy lifestyle habits and positive behaviours. She has previously worked as an Emergency Nurse and Operating Room Nurse at Shanghai’s premier international hospital, Shanghai United Family Hospital.
hinounou ico

Mark Gao

iOS Developer
Passionate about programming, Mark has over 3 years’ experience as an iOS developer. A meticulous programmer, he strives for perfection in his techniques. Previously, Mark has worked as the key developer for the game Galaxyzega and Zega Code. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Internet Engineering from Zhengzhou University of Light Industry.
hinounou ico

Danying (Helene) Zhu

Marketing Specialist
Danying manages HiNounou’s communication and marketing via social media, public relations and events. She studied French and journalism in Shanghai International Studies University, as well as University of Lyon 2. She has had diverse experiences in national media, PR agency and government. She speaks fluent Chinese, French and English and is commitee member of La French Tech Shanghai.


HiNounou’s team & Advisory Board combines extensive wellness and fintech industry experience in blockchain, insurance and IoT.

hinounou ico

Frank Desvignes

Founder & CEO AXA Lab Asia
Frank is a leader in Fintech and Insurtech, with, over 20 years of experience. He is the founder of AXA Labs Asia, who’s aim is to connect the Asian ecosystem of start-ups and Tech players to the insurance world in order to design innovative business models. As a former Internet entrepreneur, he has accomplished a couple of Angel Investments.
hinounou ico

Laetitia Daufenbach

Group Senior Vice President Global Seniors, Sodexo As a member of Sodexo’s Seniors (Elderly, Disabled and Rehab sectors) Global Executive Committee, she helps Sodexo serve seniors in 24 countries around the world. This gives her knowledge and experience of the aging care field. She works to improve and find the best practices in aged care in order to enhance the quality of life of seniors worldwide.
hinounou ico

Alexander Busarov

Co-Founder Walimai
Alex is Co-Founder of Walimai and WaBi, aiming to solve problems of counterfeiting and food safety in China, using the latest in anti-counterfeiting technology and a revolutionary blockchain based loyalty program. He has extensive strategic experience from working at McKinsey & Co. in both Europe and Asia. Alex aims to be a game changer in the IoT, protection and blockchain. He earned his degree from the London School of Economics.
hinounou ico

Yaroslav Belinksky

Co-Founder Walimai
Yaroslav co-founded Walimai and Wabi with the aim to solve the problem of counterfeiting and food safety in China, using a state of the art protection solution and a blockchain powered behavioural technology. Yaroslav was a consultant at Bain & Co. specialising in consumer goods, transportation and financial services and helped in the structuring and running the US - China Energy Cooperation Program. He earned his degrees from the University of Oxford and LSE.
hinounou ico

Quentin Montardy

Researcher at BCBDI (CAS)
Quentin is researcher in Neuroscience at the Brain Cognition and Brain Disease Institute (Shenzhen, China), a research institute co-directed by the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) and the MIT. His work focuses on the brain controls of emotions, including how our emotions can influence our most intimate perceptions and most basic motor skills. He did a Neuroscience PhD in CNRS (France) before joining the Chinese Academy of Science in 2014. In parallel, Quentin also works in developing Sino-European collaboration at both industrial and scientific levels, in particular with CNRS.
hinounou ico

Gaetan Messin

Scientific Attaché for the French Consulate in Shanghai
Gaétan runs the R&D Club of the French Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai and is involved in Corporate Innovation and Artificial Intelligence workgroups of La FrenchTech. Graduated from Institut d’Optique, he holds a masters in Marketing from HEC Paris, and a PhD in Physics from University Paris 6, he did a Post-Doc in ENS Paris and another one in MIT before becoming a professor at Institut d’Optique on Paris-Saclay Campus, teaching and driving research in quantum physics. He chairs the ParisTech China jury and headed a Sino-French network of 20 research labs in quantum physics.
hinounou ico

Philippe Torres

Deputy CEO at L’Atelier Bank BNP Paribas
Philippe started his career as a software developer over 25 years ago. He worked with the first generation of AI algorithms and experimented with the technical foundations of the internet of things. Today, his research work is dedicated to finding efficient and sustainable ways of accelerating innovation in human organizations.
hinounou ico

Théodore Zeldin

President Oxford Muse Foundation
Theodore is an Oxford scholar and inspirational thinker. He is the founder of Oxford Muse. He has been Dean of St Antony’s, and is now Associate Fellow of Green-Templeton College Oxford and has been appointed as Professor Honoris Causa at HEC Paris. He has mentored Charles Bark since 2003 when he was his professor at Templeton College, Oxford.
hinounou ico

Anne Quenedey

Partner at Baker McKenzie China
Anne is a partner at the multinational law firm Baker McKenzie. Anne assists major French and foreign groups in defining their legal and tax strategy, their M&A and restructuring operations with an expertise on China market. Anne is a lawyer at the Paris Court since 1995


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